Who else is looking for their soul mate? Are you constantly finding yourself unhappy with your relationships? Does there always seem to be something missing….or wrong, or lacking or simply NOT there at all? If you are anything like most of the women who enjoy our articles on building long lasting relationships that feel GOOD…… the simple truth is that unfortunately, most of us are in toxic relationships that aren’t empowering, and don’t help us live the lives we were truly destined to lead.

Sound like you? If it doesn’t’….consider yourself LUCKY! The simple truth is that more than 50% of women admit in private surveys that if they had it to do over again…they’d choose a very different life partner for sure. With this in mind, let’s look at 4 very simple, very successful and very easy to EMULATE strategies that people who are HAPPY in love have done to find their perfect partner….and locate their soul mate forever! Care to learn more? Continue reading as I share some of our best ideas below..:-)

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Never overestimate the power of the pen, pencil or pixel..:-) Make a list….and check it twice! Jot down all of the things you truly want in a man….and a mate, and keep it in a safe place that you can check often. If you think this is silly…..it’s ok, too! The key is not necessarily to believe it yet…just do it, and you’ll thank me later..:-)

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Or said differently…..it’s time to remove or cut out the negative relationships you cling to today. Get the crutches out of the closet. Stop participating in relationships that drag you down, hold you back and STEAL the most important years from your life. (which is right NOW!) Be gentle if you need be…..or be aggressive, it matter not. Just identify any romantic relationships (or even friends who may be having the same effect) and remove them from your life if they hurt…..more than help!

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Picture your perfect partner. What does life look like with him there? How do you feel? Imagine your perfect day…..close your eyes and simply remember what it feels like to BE in love! Use the magical and mysterious power of your mind to “see” your life in love…and really immerse yourself in how fabulous that feels! (because if you’ve forgotten….it really DOES feel great!)

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Finally, see someone who can help you see what’s coming next. A religious advisor, a clergy member or a gifted psychic or energy worker who can “see” what the universe truly wants and holds for you at heart. Each of us has a unique destiny and an “other half” who is part of the PURPOSE you are here to actualize. Get guidance from someone who can tap into this energy…..or intuition, or simply can see YOUR authentic spiritual self. For me….this was the moment that I realized WHO my “nefesh” truly was (my spiritual soul mate) and the moment that my life changed forever as well..:-) (and if you follow the 4 steps above…..so too will yours!)

Source by Angela Zoile