It can often be difficult deciding on how to go about decorating your living room space. Whether you’ve just bought a discount living room furniture package and are starting from scratch, or your living room is in desperate need of a re-vamp, we’ve got 5 top ideas for decorating success.

Colour and style

Firstly, you need to choose the colour palette you want to work with. Calming colours are always a good choice such as pastels and neutrals. Choosing these colours will also make it easy to match furniture and other elements together in the room. Remember, simple is always best.

The style of the room refers to the type of furnishings and style of decor you select for decorating your living room space. It is important to choose a style that you like and to also make sure that you stay with the one style throughout the living room area.

Choose a focal point

Choosing a focal point in your living room space is important as you want to accentuate the best features of the room. A window is a great feature in any living room space both for the view it may have and also the light that it lets in. If this is your focal point, arrange the furniture near by and make sure both you and your guests can enjoy the view/sunlight.

Other focal points in the room include an entertainment unit or a fireplace. These areas in the room should be accentuated as well.

Arranging your furniture

Arranging your furniture can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be if you follow these simple rules: Firstly, never block a window or doorway and make sure all pathways around the room are clear. Secondly, put your side table or coffee table near the seating area. Thirdly, within a conversational area make sure that the seats are no more than three to four feet apart.

If you are working with a large space and want to create different areas, segment the room by using lounges and other large pieces of furniture as subtle divers.

Less is more

The most important rule to remember when decorating any room is don’t clutter. Less really is more. Choose simple pieces and keep the extras to a minimal. What decorations you do use, don’t over do it but rather select a few quality items.

Functional as well as decorative

A great idea, especially when working with a small space is to select items that make great features yet also serve a purpose. For instance, chaise lounge chairs are great not only as lounges but they also double as a place to put your feet up and provide extra seating when you are entertaining guests.

Similarly, the right ottoman can be used as a foot rest, storage unit and coffee table.

Decorating your living room space should be a fun experience. I hope our top 5 tips have given you the inspiration you need to transform your living room.

Source by Robert F Bennett