Why do I have to identify myself as
an Associate? How should I do this
on social media?
Anytime you share an affiliate link, it’s important
to disclose that to your audience. They will trust
you more if you are transparent about where you
are directing them and why. To meet the
Associate Program’s requirements, you must (1)
include a legally compliant disclosure with your
links and (2) identify yourself on your Site as an
Amazon Associate with the language required by
the Operating Agreement.
To comply with the Federal Trade Commission
(FTC) regulations, your link-level disclosure must
1. Clear. A clear disclosure could be as simple
as “(paid link)”, “#ad”, or
2. Conspicuous. It should be placed near any
affiliate link or product review in a location
that customers will notice easily. They
shouldn’t have to hunt for it.
In addition, the Operating Agreement requires
that the following statement clearly and
conspicuously appears on your Site:
“As an
Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying
purchases.” For social media user-generated
content, this statement must be associated with
your account.
Associates should also consider the relevant social
media platform’s guidelines. For example,
Associates may use Facebook’s Branded Content
@ affiliate-program.amazon.com