Astral Projection is one of the world’s phenomena that ever existed. From ancient times people used astral as a gateway between our world and the outer world. In older days, Astral Travel was meant only for the chosen one but today anyone can practice Astral Projection. If you have never heard about astral, it may seem to be unbelievable.

What is Astral Projection?

It is a deep meditation or hypnosis in which the person is being able to travel in time. Time travelling has been the goal of many people for centuries. Many famous scientists spent all of their life pursuing the ever green dream of humans being able to travel. After all the search, Astral Projection is made easy by yoga masters for centuries now.

If you would like to really master this extraordinary experience, then you should start learning yoga now. In order to have easy Astral Projection, it is really important to master your breathing. The first step to get under any type of meditation is through breathing. There are no short cuts to astral travel and learning how to perform the techniques is essential.

Having said that, you might probably wonder how to get astral hypnosis. To achieve and out-of-body experience, you will have to first lie down and close your eyes. Then you have to start breathing. The breathing has to be done by using the chest. Breathe until you feel very relaxed. As you are calming down, breathing becomes natural and you do not need to concentrate too much.

Next, draw a hologram of your head. Try to make the hologram as detailed as possible. After completing the hologram, continue to draw the rest of your body but without using much details. Then again as watching from someone else’s eyes, you should see how the whole hologram of your body is slipping down on the floor.

Here it comes the most important part of completing the process of entering astral vibrations. You have to use only your mind to lift the body up on its feet. Lifting is a process similar to that when a child makes its first steps in life. Walking is the first controlled motion that is being performed by humans. Then, try to use the arms to support the body. It is like making push-ups on the knees.

As the body is rising, you have to stay very focus as much as you can. If you can see your own body on its feet – you have completed the process and you are under astral travel. Astral Projection has been made easy and is not really that hard. You just have to be dedicated and follow the guides. Taking advices from yoga masters to really help you understand what astral projection is and how to use its power.