Does It Work?

The dilemma begins when you look for details regarding the clinical study that proves the product’s effectiveness. There are no details available which may be an indication that there really is no clinical study conducted proving the eyelash enhancer’s effectiveness. There are mixed reviews and feedback on the product from customer who have tried it but most are negative, saying it isn’t really highly effective. This may be an indication that the product doesn’t really work.

How Does It Work?

According to the Idol Lash website, it provides the eyelashes with essential vitamins and special proteins for maximum growth. This strengthens the lashes naturally, allowing them to grow thicker and longer without breaking. The formula also includes ingredients that condition the eyelashes, which helps extend the life cycle of lashes. The product also uses active ingredients that stimulate hair growth for faster results.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

According to the product’s website, visible effects will be seen within 28 days of use. However, there are many customer reviews saying otherwise. There are even some people who have used the eyelash growth serum for two or more months without any substantial results. However, there is some customer feedback saying it delivered visible results within 28 days, but most say the results are not really significant.

Is It Safe To Use?

Idol Lash claims to use only the purest and least irritating active ingredients, making it very safe even for sensitive eyes. However, there are some users who stated they experienced skin or eye irritation from the formula. There is always a possibility that some individuals are hypersensitive to certain ingredients even those that are pure and natural. If you have very sensitive skin or eyes, it would be best to consult your skin and/or eye specialist before use.

Is It The Best Eyelash Enhancer?

The product is currently one of the most popular eyelash enhancers on the market. However, it is not the best because of the fact that there are many negative reviews from people who have tried it. Also, there is no substantial evidence that it is really effective since there is no independent clinical study proving that it is highly effective. The fact that some users experienced side effects from the formula is also one of the product’s main flaws. There are several eyelash growth products on the market that are actually proven to be both effective and safe.

Positive Features of Idol Lash

1. It is made from natural active ingredients.

2. There are some positive reviews from people who have tried it.

3. A free pack offer is available on the Idol Lash website.

Negative Features of Idol Lash

1. There is no ample evidence that it is really highly effective and completely safe.

2. No detailed information is provided on how the active ingredients lead to eyelash enhancement.

3. A lot of feedback states that it causes skin or eye irritation.

4. There are many negative reviews on the eyelash enhancer.


Considering every detail about Idol Lash, it is a good eyelash enhancement product and remains to be one of the most popular today. However, it is not the best eyelash enhancer on the market. This is worth trying mostly because of the free pack offer. Still, there are several better eyelash enhancement formulations that are actually proven to be highly effective and completely safe. The price is just average and there are many products within the price range offering similar or even better formulations.