Tarot cards are very famous and you can find them all over the Internet. There are hundreds of tarot readers, who give their predictions for free and there are still others who charge money. For some people, tarot reading might come true, while for others it does not come true. Also, you can have tarot readings everyday based on your sun sign.

If you want to know about more important things in your life, you can visit a tarot card reader. Card readers usually rely on their instincts to make a prediction.

Cartomancy is one of the first methods of tarot reading and was followed in Egypt. Some people think the origin is from China, while others believe it is Egypt. The origin of cartomancy is still being debated. However, it was mentioned in the legendary Book of Thoth in Egypt.

Tarot reading was brought to Europe in the 1300s through some gypsies who were traveling from India to Persia. The original tarot cards that were developed were in Europe and it had 78 cards. These look similar to the playing cards; they had swords, cups, coins and rods. The cards also had symbols that corresponded to the Persian Atouts.

There are several characters in the tarot cards like the juggler, chariot, hermit, death, devil, stars, moon, justice, hanged man, fool, the universe, and many more. However, when a tarot card shows death, it does not mean death in the real sense. Rather it is symbolic and it has to be translated and interpreted taking into consideration other factors and circumstances.