The card of Strength is not referring to the physical attribute of that characteristic. The strength at work here is of character- the proper control of emotions and desires. This card symbolizes patience, courage, action and determination. Aspects that are not associated with this card are compassion, nurturing and forgiveness. It is all about control of the self and of the surroundings. There is a deep seated power here, one that moves softly but victoriously. This state of being is achieved by properly controlling your emotional side with your more rational mental prowess. If this card appears in a tarot reading, whatever goals you are after can be accomplished if you are willing to be patient.

The Hermit has a purposeful reason for shutting himself off from the world. He isn’t just an antisocial miser. He is trying to find his inner truth with only the help of a small lantern and the sound of the voice within. The world’s distractions can obscure that truth and make it harder to utilize those helping tools. He has already done much work towards calming his internal chaos but the external chaos around him is preventing the task from being completed. It is a purposeful and necessary isolation. When the job is done, he will return to the world enlightened. If this card appears in your tarot reading, now is the time for self reflection- to figure out who you truly are and what you long to be. If the card refers to a specific problem, that issue will need to be resolved before any other progress can be made. If the card refers to a person, a mentor may be about to enter your life and guide you towards self discovery.

Though it bears the same name as a cheesy televised game show, the Wheel of Fortune is energy in its most potent form. This is the charge behind our lives, the catalyst that sets the duo of fate and destiny in motion. The shape of the wheel is representative of the life cycles that we all must pass through in our quest to a proper life and enlightenment. Fate and destiny seem to be things that we cannot predict but we can. But tarot readings and other divinity methods can clue us in to our destinies and fate operates on that cycle. Every beginning has an end- and a new beginning right after that. Change is unavoidable and should be embraced and learned from. When the bad spells are overwhelming you, bear in mind that it is only a matter of time before the good times get their turn.

Justice is not referring to the laws and rules created and enforced by man. He presides over the unchanging laws of the universe that keep things operating as they are meant to. Cause and effect are one of the areas that Justice is in control over. Though we have long since figured out the relationship between these aspects, we are still not able to predict what exact effect will be brought about by every cause. Naturally, karma would also be a law that Justice would enforce. If you behave in a positive manner, positive things will return to you. If you behave in a negative manner, beware what will come back.