The thought of baby proofing can easily overwhelm new parents. Looking around your house, you’ll easily spot a number of things that may be harmful to your child. When you search online, there are thousands of baby proofing products and you won’t know what will work and what to buy.

But don’t worry, you can just start with the basics and everything else will follow. It’s never too early to be cautious about the dangers around your home even if your child is a newborn, remember, kids grow up fast!

Here is how to baby proof your home in 5 easy steps:

Anchor furniture to the wall

Babies will start playing on the floor more often starting around the age of six months. They will crawl, roll and play. They will also start to climb and pull on all the furniture they come across.

To avoid accidents, anchor furniture to the wall and be sure to remove heavy items like lamps, vases, glass décor and even your television from the surfaces of your furniture. Consider mounting your TV or using TV straps to be more safe.

Cover electrical sockets

Toddlers are naturally very curious and most of them are just drawn to electric sockets. Invest in tight-fitting electrical outlet covers as part of baby proofing your house.

It’s also important to be cautious of your electrical cords – not only are they a danger for electrocution, but they are a tripping hazard as well.

Invest in safety gates for stairs

Stairs are one of the most dangerous things in a home for babies. It’s wise to invest in safety gates on top of stairs. Be sure to be cautious about always closing doors that lead to stairwells.

Keep cleaning products out of reach

We all know that kids will eat and taste anything they come across. Cleaning products and other chemicals should always be out children’s reach – keep them high on a shelf or inside a locked closet.

Ideally, make all cabinets and drawers inaccessible by kids. Place safety locks so children can’t open them.

Create a safe spot for your child to play

Designate one area in your home to be your child’s play area. While you can’t fully baby proof the entire house, at least your little one will have one safe spot to play in.

Try these easy baby proofing tips for your peace of mind as a parent!

Source by Anthony Hanson