Decorating with white was a common retro look during the era of old Hollywood glamour. During the seventies, white leather couches and white shag carpets signified elegant home decor and a lifestyle of luxury. However, decorating with white is tricky and can be impractical considering the amount of actual living that goes on inside contemporary homes. As the temperatures drop and the snow falls, there are some simple yet incredibly gorgeous ways to incorporate white into your home decor, adding the picture-perfect sophistication of a winter wonderland into your own living space.

Really Up the Look of Polished Winter Elegance with All white, Everywhere

Keep it clean, simple yet sophisticated, and full of light without seeming too opulent or ridiculous by incorporating chic pieces. Paint the walls white, have white photo frames on the walls, white sheets, a classic chair with white cushions, and a classic 70’s style white fur or shag rug to have a bedroom look that is refreshing, but not overdone. Think along the lines of a relaxing spa. If bright white is too clean for your decorating taste, a slight-off-white works just as well to create an elegant and classic vibe for your space. Also, play with unique white touches and textures, such as a quilted headboard on the bed in your preferred shade of white, or add a white velvet stool in the corner. If an all-white bedroom feels stark and bleak for your palette, simply using white on the linens in the bedroom only can create a beautiful contrast with your walls and other furniture. Plus, white sheets always carry the fresh, clean feeling of luxury hotel linens. Or, do the reverse, and pair an all white-wall room with vivid and bold highlights. Adding a unique statement rug is a chic look for the contemporary home, and with the huge variety of luxurious area rugs that showcase bold contemporary patterns on the market, colorful details in a white room is certainly a sought-after interior home design.

Create a Chic Contrast

A splash of white on a single piece of furniture never fails to rich wall colors. The same applies to busy paint or a lavish wallpaper scheme, as busy walls balance with white furniture or white couches. A great example of mixing white into a room with colored walls is the pairing of cool blue walls with white detailing. This look works well in a kitchen or bathroom, as it has a clean, soothing, and pristine effect on the room. Or go for a contemporary and sophisticated look by pairing a white dining room with chic black furniture and accessories such as a wrought iron lamp or chandelier. If you already have a dark tabletop, counters, or glass cabinets, simply having white dishes can brighten up the entire space and add character simply by adding pops of white accessories.

Whitewash certain furniture if you prefer colored walls

For the kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms in the house, details such as cabinets are one of simplest yet most polished ways to add pops of white to the decor by whitewashing. Add bright, clean whiteness in a semi-permanent fashion. If you have brick accents, whitewashed brick is a chic and stylish way to add personality and contemporary flair to your living space.

Source by Mandy Peake