Panic disorder symptoms are present in most peoples everyday lives, we just don’t always recognize them for what they are. In addition, most of us deal with overcoming panic as an expected part of life without experiencing the “exaggerated” condition of a full blown panic attack.

Some things get stressful and in certain difficult times we panic and overreact to things, but we regain our composure and never even think of seeking out anxiety treatments or formal anxiety cures.

As is the case with most things, the solutions are simple and everything begins with recognition and acceptance. Only then can healing take place. Once you address the causes of anxiety, you can begin to address the cures

If you have anyone you love who suffers from severe anxiety or is prone to panic attacks, you know how difficult and embarrassing this can be.

In the face of their fears, people suffering from panic disorder symptoms will hyperventilate, sweat, shake and experience rapid heart rates among other things. In people who do not suffer, the symptoms are often referred to as adrenaline, nerves or even a high of sorts.

It’s amazing how small the line is between panic attacks and “pregame jitters”

Can you imagine not being able to get on a plane due to a fear of flying? How about not being able to get on an escalator, be in a crowd of people or speak in front of people publicly.

I personally know different people who suffer from all these fears and to them they are as real as the weather outside. Childhood anxiety and panic attacks in children are particularly painful to watch because aren’t kids supposed to be protected from these kinds of fears?

In any case, if you know someone who needs any “anxiety help” the thing do do is let them know that you appreciate how real it is to them. That they aren’t weird or different. Millions of people suffer from different social anxiety symptoms.

If you yourself suffer the simple natural solutions are the same.

Confront your fears. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is taking action in the face of fear. That’s Patton or Churchill or some other dead guy so I won’t worry about copyright infringement…, but it’s true. It’s just another form of taking action.

Second I highly recommend exercise and eating well. People will dismiss these two things because they are not directly “emotional”, but a healthy immune system and a fit body and mind will help you overcome panic attacks and anxiety attacks.

Another incredibly powerful tool is the spiritual or meditative practice of stepping outside yourself and realizing there is something bigger than you going on here. Somehow attributing challenges and difficulties to a higher power, takes the weight off the day to day stuff.

I mean flying is statistically far more dangerous than driving a car. There is nothing inherently dangerous about an escalator or a crowd is there?

So the reality needs to be looked at differently or reexamined from a different angle. Stepping out of your own shoes while in a fit physical and emotional condition will often lead to action being taken in the presence of fear.

Panic disorder symptoms are real and panic attacks are real. No one should argue otherwise, but to overcome panic attacks you simply need to step out of your own shoes and change your habits in defense of your fears.