Many of us have heard of Astral Projection in connection with meditation practices, but few understand what it is, or how they might benefit from learning how to have such an experience.

During Astral Projection our spirit leaves our physical body and can explore the “Astral Plane” free from normal physical constraints, and you learn more about the universe within you. In the Astral Plane if you believe that you can fly, then you can, and you do! In the Astral Plane your capabilities are limited only by your belief! You are conscious and can even view yourself relaxing in deep meditation trance.

It is a truly enlightening experience to become aware that we are all so much more that our physical, mortal shells. Our earthly existence is so preoccupied with our physical appearance and trying to protect it. Inevitably our mortal shells become old and frail, and people sink into sadness and depression over this deterioration. We naturally fear death, but need we fear so much when we learn and understand that we can experience much joy and awareness away from our comparatively frail physical bodies.

In the Astral Plane however you are what you believe you are, and you realize that your consciousness can exist perfectly outside of your physical body. This is a higher form of consciousness and awareness that previously only students and experts in transcendental meditation could achieve.

Binaural Beats have been research over the last 170 years are now recognized as a fast effective means of achieving deep relaxation and altered mind states, that might previously have taken us many months or perhaps years of discipline and dedication to attain. Simply stated they are gentle rhythmical sounds that help you relax and train your brainwaves to achieve your desired mind state. They are used for relaxation, concentration, achievement, meditative mind states such as astral projection and lucid dreaming, and many more to enhance your experience and enjoyment of life.

Meditative states, the Universe, manifestation, and life after death, have always been a fascination to me, and I have devoted a site to Binaural Beats, where you can relax, attain higher forms of consciousness, and learn about the magical secrets of our Universe.

Wishing you every peace and happiness.