Few people are able to experience lucid dreams naturally. If they do, they’ll usually be relatively short and won’t be easily remembered. This occurs as many dreamers don’t know to prolong and maintain the dream. Maintaining lucidity is extremely simple, especially considering that you have full control over your actions in a lucid dream. Below are the most effective methods and techniques to prolong your dreams for as long as possible.


If you sense that you are fading out of your dream, start spinning around in circles. There’s no explanation as to why this works, but remember that you may feel physically dizzy after spinning — just like in real life.

Touching and focusing

Try touching and focusing on any one particular object in the dream. This can include rubbing your hands, plucking a strand of grass and sifting sand.

Verbal commands

Using verbal commands is the most effective method for guiding and controlling your lucid dreams. Commands act as the lucid dream equivalent of a genie’s magic lamp, where anything you wish (or command) for will appear. Utilizing these commands with a sense of urgency and control are also useful for revitalizing any “lost” senses — if you lose your sense of hearing, sight or smell in the dream, you simply command that they return.

Stay calm

Lucid dreams can be an extremely thrilling experience, particularly when you don’t expect it to happen and/or it is your first time being lucid. It’s important to try to stay calm and contain the excitement as the intense euphoria can prematurely end the dream.