There are a number of internet sites that offer online tarot readings. When I refer to online readings, I am referring to tarot software that enables you to ask and submit questions to a computer generated free tarot reading. Live tarot readings, on the other hand, refer to direct contact with an actual tarot reader via phone, internet or in person. Both types of tarot readings have their advantages.

For the most part, online readings are cost effective. There are a number of internet sites that offer free tarot readings. There are no time limits and you can ask as many questions as you want. Typically there are a number of spreads and tarot decks to choose from. This enables you to both choose a deck that resonates with you and pick a tarot spread that focuses on your particular area of interest.

Live readings, on the other hand, are almost never free. Although live readings are not nearly as cost effective as online readings, they do provide you personal contact with a professional tarot reader. Professional readers tend to be much more direct and use their own intuitive skills to answer your questions or concerns.

The greatest disadvantage to online readings is their tendency to be impersonal and over-generalized. You are often left trying to interpret your own readings as their tarot card meanings to be limited or abbreviated. They also do not always directly apply to your questions. Online readings are great when you need a quick tip or do not have the financial resources to get a live reading.

Live tarot readings put you in contact with a professional reader. These types of readings tend to be much more in depth. You are not faced with the difficult task of interpreting the cards for yourself. Live readings offer you the opportunity to get clear and concise answer for your questions. Depending on the skill of the tarot reader, you can often gain valuable insight on issues that cover a number of your concerns.

In either case, tarot readings can offer valuable information about your challenges and obstacles. They can also help you identify the areas you need to spiritually or emotionally grow. The Tarot always highlights the significant aspects of your personal journey.

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