Is Organo Gold the next big home business opportunity or another over hyped scam? That’s a question that a lot of people have been wondering. In today’s time and current economic conditions many of us have turned to other options to help bring added income home for our families. When times get tough some of us get creative and begin to explore new and innovative ways to legitimately hustle for more money. Like many of you the premise of a healthy coffee business has intrigued me as well, so I’ve decided to take an in depth look at whether or not this is a viable opportunity or just another flash in the pan.

In 2008, Bernie Chua finally fulfilled his lifelong destiny by bringing Organo Gold into the homes of North America. Since, launching this ultra popular line of healthy coffee and tea products he has managed to not only capitalize on the missing link in the coffee industry but also take advantage of the high unemployment rate. Today, there are thousands of opportunities that you can become a part of but do they really have the structured makeup for longevity? Well, maybe Organo Gold does. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it’s coffee.

Organo Gold the Healthy Alternative

This is not just any coffee, it’s healthy coffee. How might you ask? Well, that’s a very good question. Each cup of tasty coffee is infused with 100% certified Ganoderma Lucidum which has been deemed by many the “miracle” herb. This herb has been highly coveted by the Chinese for its ability to make our bodies feel more energetic and upbeat. Although, they cannot make any guaranteed health claims, people that have consistently used the coffee on a daily basis have noticed sleeping better, losing weight, and craving for healthier foods. Studies have shown that Ganoderma increases oxygen to the body, detoxifies, and neutralizes toxins harmful to our immune system.

But, with all those great benefits does this mean that the coffee has lost its taste and the effects of caffeine? No, not at all. The creators have insured that this instant beverage not only still tastes great but is also conveniently prepared with out any expensive brewing machines or appliances. This organic beverage neutralizes the negative jitters and crashes caused by normal coffee and also is very convenient. It’s as simple as heating up water, emptying your coffee packet, stirring and then consuming.

Coffee Millionaire: The Compensation Plan

Organo Gold is not just a great product but also a great income source. This company has created both uni-level and matching bonuses that run seven levels deep. That’s right, this is the company that pays you in seven different ways. Not only does this company provide certain fast track and dual team bonuses but the top leaders will eventually split a 3% generational pool that will ensure their success and longevity within the organization for years to come. So it sounds like Organo Gold really may be the company of the future and one that should be around for some time. Could this really be the company for you and your family to aid your track to financial freedom?

You could very well be the next coffee millionaire but you must not only surround yourself on a team of successful and like minded individuals, you must also develop a marketing system that is proven to work. You want to generate leads without chasing family and friends. You want to create residual income for yourself with a proven system that works. Organo Gold presents you with a great opportunity to make money, but they do not provide you with the marketing system that will translate to multiple leads on a daily basis without hunting down family and friends. That job is solely up to you.

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