Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, ruled by Jupiter and symbolized by the archer. You will find a Sagittarius a very straightforward individual. But, they are also very easy-going, cheerful, inquisitive, and optimistic. They are often so optimistic and fun loving that they are viewed as innocent and naive people who don’t really look at the world seriously. However, they are very outspoken about and committed to their beliefs.

Sagittarius love to travel and explore. They seek out adventures and crave opportunities for new ones. They are cheerful and optimistic with a wicked sense of humor. Because of their love for adventure and childlike personality, some friends may see them as flighty, but a Sagittarius can be a deep thinker. He or she will want to examine who they are and where they are going and can see the end with a clearness others lack. They seek out knowledge and often know quite a bit about an assortment of subjects, although they tend to lean towards philosophy and religion as favorite subjects.

Sagittarius display self-confidence and enthusiasm for work, which often leads to either great success or spectacular failure. Despite bluntness, he or she will get along well with co-workers. A Sagittarius’ need for knowledge will make him or her an employee that can be replied on to perform, even if it is at the last minute. However, they will not perform well at jobs they find too restrictive as they love to have a bit of freedom.

One problem a Sagittarius has is that they are so straightforward that they are often seen as being without tact. They usually say anything that comes to mind and never realize how hurtful their observations, not matter how correct, may have been. They don’t mean to be cruel; it is just their nature to call things as they see them. Yet at the same time, their fast talk and strong conviction can inspire some people. Also potentially causing problems is the combination of their spontaneity and childlike nature, but they are the type to shrug off any adversity that comes their way and cheerfully move on.

Sagittarius children are happy, but you may have a problem keeping them in one spot as they like to bounce around, skipping and singing. Even at a young age, your Sagittarius child will love to travel, enjoying the exploring and discovering that comes with it. The Sagittarius child may test your patience with his or her recklessness because they will always seek to push any boundaries given to them. Sports are good activities to help burn off a little Sagittarius’ energy. He or she will have lots of friends in school, often performing as the class clown, despite their suffering from being brutally honest at a young age.

Famous Sagittarius include Frank Sinatra, Ben Stein, Jane Austen, Charles Schultz, Britney Spears, Ed Harris, Aaron Carter, Jimi Hendrix, Ben Stiller, Abbie Hoffman, Don King, Jim Morrison, Emily Dickinson, Amy Grant, Lee Trevino, Anna Nicole Smith, Brad Pitt, Bruce Lee, and Ludwig Van Beethoven.

The Sagittarius are fun-loving people who love to explore both the world and their inner self and knowledge. They may offend some people with their candor, but can inspire and lead others.

Source by Kimberly Anderson