I have worked with many mediums, psychics, astrologers and tarot readers. I have also received many emails concerning people who have used my spiritual websites and wish to feed back information which is sometimes very random and sometimes very weird.

Many times I have had communication from people regarding their own psychic experiences. One tale involved the person who was male, waking up each morning and seeing a golden harp suspended in mid-air above his head. Other people have written to me telling me of spirit entities living in their house and causing disruption such as moving things, turning off lights and electrical devices.

There have even been reports of people waking from sleep to find unidentified scratches on their bodies which have certainly not been done by themselves.

Over the years I have interviewed a number of psychic and mediums to ask them about the reasons why people call them for psychic readings either face to face or over the telephone. The core reason is always a matter or personal relationships, usually love, other reasons are about career, money, choices and direction. The usual things which occupy a human life.

One of the other reasons people consult psychics, which crops up many times, is to discuss their own psychic and spiritual experiences. The reason for this is that the media and the goverments of the world aim to keep control of the masses through ridicule of the human being’s spiritual capacities, and this is to the sad extent that many people do not realise they have a higher self or soul. This suits the powers that be perfectly as they can continue to dominate and keep people on the hamster wheel of life – namely keeping taxes, work, and control over the masses.

As more and more credible representations of psychism occur in the media, the world will at last begin to learn about the true nature of reality and that we all have a spiritual body and a physical body, leaving behind the latter to go home and graduate back to our original place in the spirit world.

To this end, the seers and psychics of our world are very important, as they are the torch bearers of knowledge of the spiritual realm. Some of them have lived with and seen spirit forms since they were small children, and this is as natural to them as breathing.

People with these abilities are known as having more use of their right brain than the left, the down side of this is they may not be very business minded or centered in reality but the upside is their spiritual abilities which can help others in their own spiritual path of learning.

Source by Rachel Swanoski