Tarot is a process where a person who needs answers (called a seeker) turns to a person who can answer him (called a reader). The seeker might have questions about the near future, everyday life, financial concerns, love life so he turns to the reader. After the the cards are shuffled the reader will lay it out in a spread, combining the spread meaning with the cards meaning he can then answer the question. One of the most popular tarot cards in existence is the Rider-Waite one. Many people confuse the Rider deck as a distinct one, actually this deck has been created by A. E. Waite and it was published by the Rider company.

As I mentioned before the cards are shuffled by the seeker and there a four different shuffling methods. Card Player’s Method: This is one of the hardest method to use because the tarot cards are usually bigger then the normal cards which are used in everyday life. Also it wares the cards down pretty fast because it makes a bend in the middle of them. This method is a good way to shuffle the cards efficiently and with a bit of practice it will become mechanical. How it’s done is quite simple you divide the deck in to two equal stacks and put them in to your palm then intermingle them as they drop on the table. Another useful one is the Insertion Method: this method is one of the fastest ones out there and how to do it it’s like the previous one, you divide the deck in to two different stacks and hold them in your hands then you insert one half in a scattered way in to the other half. Note it’s important to know that you have to be careful how you do this because the edges might fray after continuous usage. This method is efficient and fast and it has a lot of hand to card contact.

The best way to shuffle the cards in way that you have the most hand contact and you don’t damage your cards what so ever is called the Cowie Push/ Put Method: Not the easiest methods out there but after practicing it will become easier. The way it’s done is holding the whole deck in your dominant hand and with your thumb you push cards in to your other hand from the top, when your satisfied you push again now from the bottom and you alternate with this method until all the cards are passed to the other hand. And you repeat this process again and again until you think the deck has been sufficiently shuffled.

In conclusion there are many different ways to shuffle cards, now it’s up to you which one you want to use and how big of a show you want to put on. Witch-ever method you choose you will be needing practice a patience.