Is there any science behind how a Tarot Reading can predict ones future?

Science of course is now just catching up to how a Tarot Reading can predict the future. I feel quantum physics has and is lending many “clues” as well. Dr David Hawkins has conducted some interesting experiments and has some interesting ideas about energy attractor patterns.

Currently, the primary ideology that is used to explain them is synchronicity.

Where did the idealism of synchronicity come from?

Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. He is considered the founder of analytical psychology. He gave lectures at many leading universities such as Yale. Although he was a psychiatrist much of his life work was spent on understanding synchronicity, astrology, tarot, and alchemy.

What is synchronicity?

The theory of synchronicity can be summed up as “co-incidence;” meaning two events that come together in a meaningful way, outside the realm of “chance.” Jung’s Experiments with synchronicty were conducted at C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich.

Can you give some real life examples of synchronicity?

Even before a client comes for a tarot reading, the client will get experiences of synchronicity. Clients that have love challenges, for instance, will get “signs” of their lover all over the place.

They might go into a store and hear a song that they associated with their lover. They will see the type of car their lover drives all over the place. Often times they do not know how to interpret the schronistic events they are receiving and that is what actually prompts them to come for a tarot reading.

I was once with a client, who was doing spiritual work to heal his lover of fear of letting people close, he was very frustrated that it didn’t seem to be working. We were in the car together driving to a lecture I was facilitating and he blurted out in a frustrated tone, “DJ when is this magic going to work”?

Just then a van drove by with the words largely painted across the side of it “Magic Works.”

The work he was doing did work within a short time and they were happily reunited.

How does synchronicity work in a Tarot Reading?

I like to think of synchronicity in the same way as dream interpretation. In a dream you will often get symbolism that you have to interpret. To understand the meaning of the dream you interpret the symbols based on what those symbols mean to you in your life experience. If you love cats and you have a dream about cats, it is going to be a much different interpretation/meaning, then another person that has the same dream about cats that is afraid of cats.

In a Tarot Reading, cards are spread out by the tarot reader. The Tarot Reader is either trained intellectually in how to interpret the symbolism and/or has psychic abilities that draw them to certain symbols on the cards that relate to your situation. You see the higher power, collective unconscious, or divine intelligence speaks the language of symbols.

Recommended reading about Tarot, Tarot Readings, and understanding the ideology/psychology behind how they work:

“Jung and the Tarot: An Archetipical Journey” by Sallie Nichols

“Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom” by Racheal Pollack

“Discovering Yourself Through Tarot” by Rose Gwain