The Major Cards:

The major acana tarot cards are the most significant or meaningful cards with-in the pack and when used on their own they will always give a more serous or ‘spiritual’ type of reading. There are twenty two major cards in the pack and they are numbered from one to twenty one progressively, plus there is also one un-numbered major card “The Fool”.

The Fools Journey:

The tarot card ‘the fool’ has the number (or no number) zero. The fools is mostly placed at the beginning of the tarot pack though some people will often place it last. The fool in reality has no number and he can as in life turn up any where, at any time. The major acana cards are often referred to as the “fools journey” and they are meant to represent ones own journey through life. The major acana tarot cards where originally the only cards within the pack with pictures, they are with out doubt the richest cards esoterically with-in the pack and they have always had many other uses apart from ‘mere’ fortune telling cards.

Mediation and Contemplations:

The major cards are often used as an aid to mediation and contemplation by the more ‘spiritually’ inclined tarot readers and they are worth understanding even with out further study. Some people will use only these pictorial major tarot cards, they where most likely the original stand alone tarot pack in their own right. The major cards are not only the key to understanding the tarot they are also the very first thing that any student of the tarot should learn.

Helpful Daily Exercises:-

Learning how to read the tarot cards – Lesson 1. The fools journey is a look at all of the major acana, or major picture cards. Once you have mastered the meanings and the fools story as told by this remarkable story told by the main cards you will be well on your way to learning and indeed undestanding the tarot and: dare I say, having a deeper understanding of the journey through life its self!