The tarot card the emperor guides us by traditional rules of society, putting humility first. He symbolizes authoritative husband and father figures, and the control over power and order. Our two personal desires and the ability to accomplish them are denoted by two ram heads of Aries. The ankh in Emperor’s hold symbolizes his control and power over life and death.

He can give powers goods or bad, and you are to remember that power given by laws is not always good power nor are the laws always good laws. The power he entrusts you can, if used correctly, will lead to power and success.

Card upright tarot cards reading: What you need is a strong person to guide you, one who will encourage you to take positive action that is needed to fulfil your desires and reach your goals.

Card reversed tarot cards reading: You send a message as being immature, with no perspective. This weakness is expressed by bullying because one is unable to control their emotions.


The Hierophant is a manifestation of a traditional counsellor in tarot cards set. Wise and advising, he symbolizes guidance to spiritual enlightenment. He is depicted as seating in between pillars of good and evil, judging and weighting the options. Heavens and earth are represented on his left hand, where two of his finger point up towards heaven and two point down toward earth, thereby connecting them. Bald hears in front of him represent the letting go of the material world in favor of search for spiritual enlightenment. Intelligence and wisdom are encapsulated by his rich yellow crown. The three tiers of the crown symbolize the material, the formative and the creative worlds. The key in his hand represents the locked mysteries between woman and man. On his tunic, three crosses are a symbol for the mind, the soul and the body.

The Hierophant is a guide to traditional ways of spiritual enlightenment, but it is on you to choose if such ways are appropriate in the time you live in.

Card upright tarot cards reading: A spiritual leader and advisor guiding others away from physical concerns.

Card reversed tarot cards reading: One must be skeptical about everything he hears. Distorting the truth is troublesome for him.


This tarot card is a motivating card that tells us the necessity of decision to be made. In the background of the card, standing behind the man is the Tree of Life representing our humanly desires. On the other hand, behind the woman is the second tree from the Garden of Eden – the Tree of Knowledge which symbolizes the true truth. To connect these two aspects, the winged angel is in the middle, binding together the forces through the media of physical love. In the grass is the snake, symbolizing hidden wisdom in the card. One is to use this wisdom and knowledge to make informed decisions or, on the other hand, to let his humanly desires make decisions for him.

Card upright tarot cards reading: It is vital for you to allow your heart, and not your head, to make decisions. This transition of guidance will bring about happiness and harmony.

Card reversed tarot cards reading: Use your head to recognize the true nature of your relationship and think hard about the direction you are going to pursue.