The Moon

The moon is a passive, feminine symbol, it is a card about the rhythms of nature e.g. birth, life and death.

To explain more on the divinatory aspect of the card we need to look more closely at the illustration on the card. The moon reflects our subconscious into the conscious, so any anxieties or fears from us may be reflected in our lives without knowing we are doing this, e.g. we may reflect our fears as someone else’s fault rather than look at ourselves.Our deepest fears can come to light, paranoia for example can feed the thought that our life is surreal and not quite real. The moon in the Raider Waite deck shows displeasure therefore reflecting issues that we find uncomfortable. It is a card of dreams; awake and asleep, so it is difficult to get clarity. You may be going through an emotional turmoil, focus this on to other matters and turn this energy into something positive e.g. hobbies, exercise, writing, music so as to get clarity on the issue that is causing the turmoil.

The sun shines a path whereas the moon reflects the path which can be full of dark shadows confusing the way to the truth. The dog and wolf on the card are our basic animal instincts, the crayfish represents the uncomfortable issues in our subconscious that come and go which confuses our path, remember this is only confined to the limits of the pool, which tells us that our negative thoughts and patterns are only as strong as we allow them to be.

The moon has tears coming from it which is in the shape of the Hebrew letter yod (creative fire), it is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, it is a seed, a beginning (sexual and physical). Make sure what is around us is not an illusion e.g. when you first meet someone romantically and want more out of the relationship this card may show in a tarot reading and it is there to make sure you are not confusing love with lust. The towers in the background of the tarot card remind us not to build our lives on illusions else it could crumble if the foundations are not strong. The towers are a phallic symbol which appeals to our animal instincts and the trappings of an easy life.

At its worse the moon can warn that you may go through an emotional time, doing things that our irrational, in a relationship that is powerful but not trustworthy, it is a time to avoid recreational drugs or drinking as you may have a bad experience and if on medication be vigilant on taking the right dosage.

At its best the moon represents being more intuitive, psychic and creative.