When you first pick up a tarot card deck, you may feel a little intimidated. The images are simple, yet evocative, confusing yet engaging. And while it might seem simpler to allow someone else to do a reading for you, learning to do your own tarot card spreads can be an enlightening process. Not only can you call upon the deck when you have questions, but you can also help friends and family with their concerns. Here are three steps to take as you learn to create tarot cards.

The first step you need to take when you pick up a tarot card deck is to look at the cards. One by one, take some time to study and to examine these cards for meaning, for images, and for something that has meaning for you. It’s a good idea to take out a journal and write down the first images and ideas which come to you after looking at the card for the first time. This way, you can begin to look at the cards for what they mean to you, not just what they mean in the book which came with them.

Once you’ve looked at the cards for meaning, look to the book the cards came with in order to see what other meanings may be possible. While your own personal meanings may not have been the same, this does not mean they are wrong. Simply look at the book or the support tarot deck information as additional possibilities. Some feel that they need to adhere to the meanings as laid out in the book, but this is simply not necessary in order to do a tarot card reading.

Finally, the main way you will learn to do readings is to simply do them again and again. You need to spend a lot of time simply doing more tarot card spreads for yourself and for others since this will allow you to understand how the cards work together, how they don’t, and how a reading might look when it’s done. You may also want to look into free online tarot readings as these can help you see yet another perspective on how the cards can be read as a part of a spread.

With a tarot deck, you can begin to see that life is full of answers and possibilities, not just problems. And in just a few short hours, you can be reading your own cards or the tarot cards of another person who may have the same questions you do.