This country started its existence as a Republic. We’ve shifted far off that foundation over the past 100 years, but we can still regain our lost foundation and grow into a higher form of a Republic – what I call a spiritual Republic.

Let’s first define what I mean by “spiritual.” I’m not referring to any specific religion; instead, I’m referring to the spiritual principles at the foundation of every spiritually-based religion. These spiritual principles are universal; they apply to, and form the basis of, every spiritual religion – with only dogma separating one religious group from another.

Some of these principles are: you are responsible for your actions, your life, and what’s in it; it’s important to make positive choices that benefit as many as possible, rather than negative choices that hurt others; treat people around you with respect; love your family and have good will toward all others; and live your life with honesty and integrity. Clearly that is not a complete list, but I think it’s easy for most of us to agree that each of these tenets is a part of all religions with a spiritual basis.

The key to restoring our Republic and growing into a spiritual Republic lies in more and more people learning, and living by, true spiritual principles. Living by true spiritual principles will make everyone’s life calmer, filled with more love, and much more fulfilling. This will spread out into the world around us in our dealings with each other, and many positive things will come from this. Here are just a few of them:

  • Virtually everyone, regardless of where you go, will be courteous, respectful, kind, and caring.
  • Crime will diminish. This will in part come from people taking responsibility for their lives and learning to take positive actions instead of negative actions.
  • Greed, and its negative influence, will wither away over time. This will have an enormous positive impact when it happens. Business will be run by pure capitalism, without greed to distort it and create huge separations between the wealthy and other classes. The distinction between classes will diminish because more people will be prospering. Our country will grow more prosperous, stable, and strong. Please remember: greed is NOT another word for capitalism. It’s greed that’s a failure, not capitalism itself.
  • Over time, our failed monoculture food production system will be replaced with polyculture food production. This will lead to more nutritious food and a healthier population. Our planet will begin to heal, and our water and air will be cleaner too.
  • The government will once again assume the role of protecting its citizens and their rights, rather than trying to control everything in society in the name of “the greater good.” The idea of a “greater good” is fine, but it will never be achieved by government regulation. The only way to truly reach the “greater good” is by having the population become more aware and more responsible. Ironically, this will decrease the need for a bloated government that functions on over-regulation, while collectively providing a better life for all American citizens through cooperation and caring – about each other, and about the future of the planet we call home.

This is clearly not a comprehensive list, so the true benefits of a spiritual Republic, while they will take decades to develop, are far more numerous than just this short list. We can achieve this, and, in fact, we’re (despite appearances and resistance from some people, some organizations, and the government) inevitably headed in this direction as more and more people get interested in true spirituality, spurred by the feeling that there is much more to life, and to us, than we can see on the surface.

This safe, prosperous, and secure society that we all deserve to live in is more than a pipe dream. It begins with each of us, and our choices. Make the choice today to do all you can to leave the best world possible to all our future generations. Let the idea of a spiritual Republic take hold in your heart, and let its principles shine through you into your life.