Who knows. Years ago did we think we would piercing our ears? Coloring our hair? Waxing our eyebrows? No, but thousands of men all over the world already are.

Is makeup or male cosmetics only for metrosexuals? Well, in part yes. Anyone can use it, but metrosexual men are the majority who would use this product. A metrosexual, or urban male, is defined as a man that has a strong aesthetic sense and spends a great amount of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle. Does this make you more girlish? Not at all, metrosexuals actually get more attention from the ladies. Having a clean, modern appearance is attractive to the opposite sex.

But the truth is that sexuality has become irrelevant when it comes to male cosmetics. No matter what there sexual interest are, men have begun to care more about there appearance and of course major cosmetic companies are right behind them.

Well-known cosmetic empires along with the smaller, up and comers are introducing skin care, fragrance and even makeup product lines targeted to men. Two cosmetic giants have added products to their lines such as concealers or “correctors,” known to men as “eye treatments” or “serums” to make them sound a bit manlier.

One major manufacturer unabashedly launched a men’s line complete with eyeliner concealer and bronzer. Industry experts say they are doing well in the entertainment industry, with actors and models buying up foundation, concealer and powder for shaving nicks and shine. Eyeliner is ultra hip with the younger club crowd.

Major contributors to the boom in sales of men’s grooming products include razors, hair gels, body washes and deodorants. Other popular purchases include fragrances and body sprays. Because men have also become concerned about their skin and the effects of the sun, free radicals and exposure to the elements, they too are now reaching for skincare items such as moisturizers that target rashes from shaving and over exposure, eye gels infused with green tea and cucumber for puffiness, and “oil control” sticks to easily target breakouts.

But the latest trend is makeup – yes, makeup for men. So ask yourself again, will men wear makeup eventually? No, not eventually, they already are.